Host Guidelines

• Contract – will ask you to sign a simple contract. This is just so everyone has the details in writing.

• Zoning – we would like you to check with your local by-laws to see about parking and noise in your area. Just to be on the safe side. Almost all the concerts will not be loud so should not be an issue.

• Billeting your Artist(s) - most artists will be touring and will need a place to crash for the night. This is a simple as throwing another plate at the dinner table and making up the bed for a night. Now, not all artists are going to spend the night, they may have to get to the next gig. And remember, all the artists with Host a House Concert are personally known by Doreen or have had a police check done. We want you to feel good about having our artists in your home. You would want a room set aside for your artist to prepare for your house concert. You do not have to provide M &M’s in there.

• Food and Drink - This would all be up to you how you want to handle this. Personally I love pot-luck dinners. (Plus I get to keep the yummy left-over’s) . You may want your guests to each bring a dish to share before the concert or at break time during the concert. Remember to suggest that they bring simple things as to avoid having to keep dishes warm or break out the BBQ. Finger foods are good. This may not be your cup of tea and you may want to provide all the food. Up to you! Just helps keep the cost down on the evening. Now with regards to drinks. You have to consider if you want alcohol or not. This would keep a good eye on your guests. I would have a couple of friends that will be sober to drive anyone home that may need to be. You would need to provide tea, coffee and water to your guests as needed.

• Seating - You have to make sure you have enough room for your guests. Having enough chairs also is something to consider. If you don’t have enough chairs in your house you may want to ask your guests to bring something along with them.

• Parking – again this may come under the by-laws in your area. Make sure first you have parking the closest for your artists as they have to haul gear. When explaining to your guests about the night also include where to park. Sometimes a school or church in your neighbourhood would work.

• Electrical needs - You will have to set up the room based on whether the artist will need electricity. Easy access should be available for the artist to a plug in.

• Safety - you want to make sure your house is guest proof. That all breakable things are put away or at least moved to a place that they wouldn’t be knocked over. This is something to consider if there are children coming to the concert. Some parents don’t always watch their kids.

• Payment/costs - There is where you want to decide how you want to pay the payment to the artist(s) decided. 1) you could just pay the artists a donation to come play for your guests this will have to be determined according to the artist you have playing at your house concert 2) you could ask your guests for a small donation to be given to the artist – usually $15 to $20 per guest (the host does not make any money they are to give all donations to the artist).

• Merchandise - the artist has the right to sell CD’s and/or t-shirts and such and they retain all monies for this.

• What am I getting again for my money? What you are getting is a great evening of music with your friends. Usually this will consider of two 45 min sets of music (but then again most musicians if having fun will play longer)

• You have to set the atmosphere. I would set some ground rules at the beginning of the performance. Explain to your guests that you would like for them to stay seated during the performance (potty breaks sometimes are a must). That there will be no food served during the performance. Have the evening start off on time. Asking people to have a seat so you can get started is the best thing since we all have an Uncle Jack that likes to talk and talk. Have a set time to start and make sure your guests are aware of this. Also during the beak you want to give a warning of when the concert is going to start again. Give yourself a month or more to contact friends, family or neighbours. Any longer people may forget.

• Have a couple of people (volunteers) helping you out. These people would collect the donations, help set and serve food, and make sure everyone has a seat. And they would just generally watch over your house and make sure everyone is happy and taken care of.

• I would keep the invites to people you know or friends of people you know. Nothing worse than this getting out on facebook and way too many people show up. Do not advertise.

• Now look around the website and see who you think would best suit your house concert. I will need you to fill out the host registration form so that we have details of you as a host. This will also give me a data base to build on so that we may offer you info on touring artists coming to your area.
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