Becoming A Host

Keep it private. House concerts are by invite only! If hosts advertise, you will get into paying various fees collected for various organizations. (Which is not a bad thing just one more thing to do)

Most artists are feed and put up by the host for the night. Remember all artists on this site are known to Host a House Concert or have been checked out.

You can make your night into a potluck. Keep it to simple foods which would mean less clean up. This can keep costs down for the host and you get to keep all the leftovers. I personally love potlucks as it gives you a chance to try new foods.

Ask each of your guests to donate $15-$20 (or more) to your artist. Have someone in charge of collecting this at the beginning of the evening. All monies are to be given to the artist. The host will not get any money for hosting. You are doing this for the love of music. Each artist will have the right to sell merchandise (cd's / t-shirts) to your guests if they wish. 100% of the proceeds are kept by the artist.

Can offer a guarantee (plus 100% of merchandise) where you pay everything. ($250 - up). Remember you are not charging but asking for "donations".

Would not suggest that alcohol be offered. If you do decide to have alcohol be very careful. Offer non- alcohol drinks, tea and coffee. Lots of water is good.

Make sure you have enough seating. You can also have guests bring their own seats.

Make sure you check in your area with regards to local noise bylaws, if you are having the music outside.

You may want volunteers (who can donate or you donate for them) to help you with the evening and to help you keep an eye on your guests and their needs.

Host a House Concert will keep hosts address and contact private so you don't get other artists that are not part of your network contacting you.

Host a House Concert is not responsible to any damage and such that happens. <----- something like that.
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