Artist FAQ

If I am an artist that wants to sign up to be involved with
this (cause it sounds like a lot of fun and I like Doreen)
what should I do?
The first thing I am going to ask of you is to send me an epk or your website where I can hear your music. I am hoping to build a big circuit, first here in Ontario, and then spreading across Canada. It is very important that I have all info on the artists and the hosts. That way we can start matching them in the future.

Ok, as an artist, why do I want to do this?
I have been working as a promoter/producer for over 25 years now (started when I was a baby lol) Back then artists got paid every time they played. Now artists are lucky if they get a few beers or even a cut of the door. You have all heard bar owners say “you have to pay your dues’ so they give you a Tuesday night and make you bring 50 friends and you still don’t get paid. Don’t get me wrong bars have their place and I have worked with some great bar owners but times are a changing. With a house concert you are guarantee money, you may sell some merchandise and sometimes a place to eat and stay. What a great way to get out before some people and have them actually sit there and listen to you. WOW! What an idea. Instead of a few guys just standing around talking about what bar they should go to next and not paying attention to you. I have heard so many stories about bands going to play and there being only 4 people there. (Just heard that a few days ago)

Can any band do this?
House concerts are not for everyone. A big band playing death metal will not go in a nice house concert. No offence to death metal! I want to keep it to no bigger than 3 members in a band (may even try 4 if the room fits it) It is a good idea for artists traveling to promote a solo CD or even for small groups traveling around. I did want to call this little project Gypsy Music but after trying out the idea to a few friends it was decided to drop it as it seemed to give most people the idea that I would be sending a band of traveling gypsies to your house.

Do I get paid?
With a house concert you are going to get paid every time.
Please read over what info is for a host so you can get an
idea of how this little gig is run.

What are your expectations of me?
I will expect all my artists to act in the up most professional manner. Save getting hammered for another time. You want to have people say good things about you so that others will read your reviews and request you to play at their house concert. I am done dealing with childish artists that think the world owes them everything. I am sorry your grandmother tells you that you are the best. Maybe you are good but you have to prove it to me. Most artists on this website will be friends of mine – people that I have worked with my whole career in this industry and people I have meet along the way. I want to work with new people too but need to know I can trust these people to represent my company out in the world.
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