Host a House Concert
House concerts can be anything you want it to be. It is a small group of friends getting together, having a pot luck dinner and listening to great music by a great artist. It can be a special evening to celebrate an anniversary or birthday or even a wedding proposal. It could just be an evening to listen to music from mature fans that don't want to go to a bar.

What is a house concert?

House concerts are nothing new. Started in the 16th Century, house concerts were held in nobleman’s home. Today they are held in our homes, backyards or even small halls in our neighbourhoods. A lot of people are fans of music but don’t want to go to bars. This venture gives these fans a chance to have a great evening/afternoon up close and personal with some fantastic music. You can have a concert to help celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just a get together with some friends and neighbours. You may even use this afternoon/evening as a fundraiser for your favourite charity.
This helps out touring artists that may have down time between bigger gigs. Or it can be just a solo artist wanting to tour a new cd. For both the artists and the host it is a win/win situation.




Experience the difference

Most house concert organizers are geared to one type of music (folk). What Host a House Concert offers is all types of music – from Americana to soft rock to acoustic acts to jazz to piano and to everything in between. If you don’t see what you like we just might be able to find that type of music for you.
How this works is very easy. Look through the artists that are on this site. Pick one that you may be interested in and Host a House Concert takes it from there. I promise to help you through it all.
Doreen Harte, the founder of Host a House Concert, has worked with many, many bands over the years. Doreen has been requested on many occasions to help bands find gigs while they are in the area. This is where one of the ideas where Host a House Concert came from (plus being sick of going to bars lol ).


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